Antonio Maurizi Bologna Construction
The traditional Bologna construction is characterized by an extension of the upper leather that is folded under the last and stitched directly to outsole. In this way, the folded upper serves as the midsole layer of the construction which provides a slim look and improved flexibility.
Antonio Maurizi Blake Construction
The Blake construction is the backbone of Italian shoemaking. The key feature of this construction is an assembly that relies predominantly on stitching. A stitched outsole is the single most important aspect in determining durability of any footwear.
Antonio Maurizi Blake Rapid Construction
Blake Rapid improves upon the Standard Blake construction by adding an additional layer of midsole and an additional round of stitching. In this case the upper is stitched to a midsole, (Black stitch) before stitching on the outsole, (Rapid stitch). With this additional step you are not only creating a more solid construction, you are now able to extend the life of your shoes by easily replacing the outsole.
Antonio Maurizi Welted Blake Rapid Construction
Our Welted Blake Rapid construction is very similar to Blake Rapid except in this case the upper along with an additional leather welt is stitched directly to the midsole with the Rapid stitching. You have all same benefits of the Blake Rapid construction with the addition of a beautiful handmade welt.